Photo: Rutger Rog, EMMA

I am an independent scholar – affiliated with Erasmus University Rotterdam – working at the intersection of sociology and policy research. My projects and publications cover the fields of social policy, (urban) sociology, methodology and evaluation research. I received my doctorate at Erasmus University, Department of Sociology, with a thesis on policy analysis and I publish both nationally and internationally on urban issues, social policy, community crime prevention, civic participation and research methodology.

Known as a generalist, my personal research interest is working on suitable forms of policy research and evaluation in the public domain, where I draw from different scientific fields. In addition to research, I am active in the public debate through lectures and opinion articles, and I participate in various advisory and supervisory committees. Besides (co)authoring over 70 research reports and articles, two Dutch books and two international books (The Plausibility of Policy and Neighbourhood Watch in a Digital Age), I have published academic papers in: Journal of Social Policy, Evidence and Policy, International Journal of Qualitative Methods, European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research and The British Journal of Criminology.

For my Dutch website see www.socialeargumentie.nl