Current research projects:

Police and active citizenship in safe and unsafe neighbourhoods (2017/18)

Civic initiatives in community crime prevention are growing rapidly, especially in the area of surveillance. Little empirical research has been done however on these police-community co-productions. This research project aims to fill this gap but widens the usual perspective on ‘unsafe’ neighbourhoods. Through mixed methods it focuses on the effects of active citizenship and police involvement in different local environments. The research is made possible with a grant from the Police & Science Fund and conducted in collaboration with criminologist Tom de Leeuw, and consultative partners Dr. Reinout Kleinhans (TU Delft) and Dr. Arjen Leerkes (EUR).

What works in socially activating welfare recipients? (2017)

How can people on welfare participate in society, without making paid work the ultimate objective? Prof. Dr. Monique Kremer of the University of Amsterdam has commissioned an international literature review of scientific insights about this issue.  Participation can be defined as: voluntary work, contributing to community events, exercise, or participation in projects that contribute to health or social contacts. The literature review will provide insight into what is plausibly the most effective or desirable approach in the social activation of welfare recipients.